Hydrogen Embrittlement

• During the plating processes the parts to be plated may pick up hydrogen in any of several operations esp. during the pickling process. If excessive amount is absorbed it might cause the parts to be brittle and affect its function.

• Hydrogen embrittlement is frequently experienced when plating on high carbon or alloy steels.

• To remove these excess hydrogen, baking the parts for 1 – 8 hours at temperature of about 200 +/- 15 degree Celcius is recommended.

• This process is usually done within a few hours or fulfilling customers specification after plating and before chromating.

* Note: 

- Insufficient Temp. or time, parts will still remain brittle.

- Too high a temp. or too long will result in parts being soft.

 UEP Hydrogen Embrittlement Ovens

  • 3 ovens are available to ensure hydrogen embedded in parts produced with high carbon or alloy steels are being removed. 

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