ElectroPlating Process

Electroplating of Zinc

  • Electroplating is a process whereby an object usually metallic, is coated with one or more relatively thin, tightly adherent layers of some other metals (e.g. Zinc).
  • This is the stage where the items are coated with a thin layer of zinc ranging from  5 microns to 15 microns thick

Hydrogen Embrittlement

  • Hydrogen embrittlement is frequently experienced when plating on high carbon or alloy steels.

Passivates | Chromating

  • With just a layer of Zinc electroplating the parts are still not sufficiently well protected. This is so because the coating can still be easily oxidized. As such an additional layer is needed to protect the coated layer.

Lubrication for Friction Co-Efficiency

  • The correct torque tension value or friction co-efficient value are essential for satisfactory fasteners point performance and a very important factor for assembling.
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