ElectroPlating Service

Ulision Electroplating concentrates on the following electroplating services: 
  1. Zinc Rack plating:
    Three (3) Production lines is dedicated to this service. 
  2. Zinc Barrel plating:
    Three (3) Production lines is dedicated to this service (Total production barrel: 42 barrel).
    Two (2) Manual Line & 1 Auto Barrel line (New).
  3. Zinc Nickel Alloy plating:
    One (1) line is dedicated to this service.
  4. Zinc Flake Coating

Electroplating Process

UEP utilized two process of plating in Zinc Electroplating which are Rack & Barrel.
The plating processes basically consist of three stages, i.e.  

  1. Pre treatment

  2. Plating

  3. Post treatment


Pre-treatment is the preparation of the item for the actual plating step, and typically done in two processes:
1. De-scaling / De-rusting
This is done by soaking the items in an acid (usually HCL) to remove heat treatment  scales,mill scales, rust, burnt oil , etc. 
Note: Over pickling due to too high concentration of acid or excessive time will result in parts damage such as parts become under size or thread and body got corroded. Under pickling will result in insufficient plating coverage or blistering. 
Concentration of HCL approx.30%-50%. Time : 1-10mins
2. Degreasing 
This is done by soaking the item in a tank or rolling the items in a barrel in an alkaline cleaner solution to remove oil or grease. Please note that scales and oil or grease must be thoroughly cleaned before plating or it will result in un-plated sports, blistering or peeling. Bigger items for rack plating need to be hand scrub after soaking.
Pre- Treatment Area




Production Area ( Auto Barrel Line)

Production Area

Storage Area

Storage Area



Waste Water Treatment

A waste water treatment plant is installed in UEP and complied to Malaysia DOE regulations

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