Zinc Flake Coating

Alternative to Zinc or Zinc Alloy Plating

  • Zinc Flake coating is a method to deposit electroless a cathodic protecting layer by applying a lacquer system.
  • The coating layer contains lamellar shaped zinc particles in a specialized binder system.
  • Additional top coats increase the performance.
  • The trend to high strength steel requires suitable layer systems, which cause no stress corrosion by hydrogen embrittlement.
  • As no electrical current and no acids are involved, the hydrogen embrittlement is completely avoided.

Zinc Flake Coating Systems

Zinc Flake structure - comparison of diffusion

Zinc Dust       vs     Zinc Flake

  • Layer thickness of zinc flake coating is significantly lower
  • Improved barrier protection
  • Higher conductivity of the zinc particles leads to incresead cathodic protection.
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