Ulision Electroplating Sdn Bhd is a locally incorporated private limited company formed in 1st January 1991 to undertake the business of providing electroplating services and corrosion resistant coatings to the local metal base industries. We provide Metal Surface Finishing (Zinc Electroplating) Services of Metal Components Parts for Automotive Industry. Our customers include manufacturers of automative component, furniture, motor cycle parts, hardware, electrical components and other metal stamping component. 

Our electroplated parts are manufactured according to ISO/ JIS standard as well as the inhouse standard of our customers. We are also capable of meeting other electroplating standards such as British, European or American standards. The company obtained the ISO 9001 & ISO14001:2015 management system certification since 6th April 2007.

Production Process

Zinc Rack Plating

Zinc Rack Electroplating is used to plate large, delicate or complex parts that cannot be done through Zinc Barrel electroplating.

Zinc Barrel Plating

Zinc Barrel Electroplating is the electrodeposition of dissolved zinc onto the surface of metal parts. 

Zinc Nickel Alloy Plating

Ulision’s zinc nickel coatings (12 - 16% Ni) provide superior corrosion protection to red rust compared to pure zinc coatings.

Zinc Flake Coating

Alternative to Zinc or Zinc Alloy Plating. Zinc Flake coating is a method to deposit electroless a cathodic protecting layer by applying a lacquer system.





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